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Maricel & Patrick Wedding | The Venetian – Vaughan, ON

On the first day of summer this year we were out at full force photographing the awesome wedding of Maricel and Patrick. Summer is by far my favourite season of the year. I love the heat, the sunshine, the lazy days on the beach, the smell of Hawaiian Tropics sunscreen, I could go on for days! Maricel and Patrick were blessed with a gorgeous summer day, the sun was shinning, the birds were chirping, and people were getting hitched : )

Weddings are awesome, don’t you think? A couple plans this very special day for about a year, looking forward to not only getting married, but also celebrating with their family and friends! It is such a joyous occasion, and we are so thankful to be a part of it. We had an awesome time photographing Cel and Pat, as they are affectionately known to their loved ones, and we wish them a lifetime of happiness. Check out their equally amazing engagement session again.


Maricel & Patrick eSession | McMichael Art Gallery – Kleinburg, ON

Maricel & Patrick are a super cute couple! They were a little nervous about the engagement session, and a little shy, but that didn’t last long… Engagement sessions are great ice breakers, that’s one the main reasons we encourage them. Planning a wedding can be stressful, and having to worry about your photographer, or how your photos are going to turn out, can drive a couple nuts. An engagement session can be that time when you get to know your photographer, and vice versa. It’s a time for experimenting with looks, especially for the brides, that often get their hair and makeup trials done for engagement photos, new poses, this is usually for the grooms that often feel awkward about posing for photographers, and best of all new locations! Maricel and Patrick wanted their engagement photos done at McMichael Art Gallery, but we had never shot there, so to us it was an awesome opportunity to discover a new location, and since then we have recommended it to other couples. We are very excited to photograph Maricel and Patrick’s wedding coming up in June of this year, and can’t thank them enough for choosing us!

Michelle & Daniel Wedding | The Paramount – Vaughan, ON

Michelle and Daniel said “I DO” on a gorgeous sunny day in September, in front of all their family and friends. They didn’t meet in a conventional way, he was actually doing some work in her home, and a job that should have taken only a couple hours, quickly turned into a couple of days! We first met them at a bridal show in Newmarket, and hit it off right away when we started talking about their reception venue… We love The Paramount, by Peter and Paul’s, and we couldn’t wait to be back there again, since it had been a while; and of course, once more they did not disappoint. We had so much fun photographing Michelle and Daniel’s big day. Thank you guys so much for having us, and we wish you all the happiness in the world.

Andrea & Joe Wedding | Kortright Centre – Vaughan, ON

Andrea and Joe are a super fun and romantic couple, in fact they should star in their own romantic comedy, I’d watch it : )

We had so much fun photographing them at their engagement session earlier in the year, check it out again here, and we knew right away that their wedding day was going to rock. It was a gorgeous sunny day in August when Andrea and Joe said their I Do’s. They wrote their own vows and, of course we all had a great laugh at their creativity and sense of humour; from the “…You’re the Adrian to my Rocky…” from Joe, to Andrea reading her vows on her iPhone, it was an awesome day from the start. Thank you so much Andrea and Joe for having us, we wish you nothing but the best! In closing we would like to share with you a nice note that Joe wrote on Andrea’s wall earlier this year, just to give you a glimpse at their romantic comedy : )

” I wanted to express my love for you in public, for the world to see. I love my Hypolite lady fare. She is a soft and beautiful song, that warms my face, and caresses my heart. She is an electric jolt of passion that could give the strength of a thousand men to a single. Her mere presence could inspire a work of art so beautiful that it would be forbidden to be shown. Love you Andrea, my little princess of my castle grey skull.”

Katharine + Derek eSession | Vellore Park – Vaughan, ON

Katharine and Derek are a truly hilarious couple. Katharine confessed that she was a little apprehensive about the photo shoot, not sure what to expect. So based on the email she had sent me earlier in the week, I assured her that we would be having a lot of fun; she emailed me a quote that she said depicted exactly what the two of them are all about, “…80% goofy, 15% romantic, and 5% sexy”. I thought this was so funny, that I was sure this eSession was going to be blast. It did not disappoint, Katharine and Derek came prepared with props, a sweet disposition, and an awesome sense of humour, all we had to do was capture that. Thank you so much Katharine and Derek for having us, we can’t wait for your wedding next winter.