Sunnyside Pavilion Wedding | Melissa & Ian | Toronto, ON

Melissa and Ian had gorgeous Sunnyside Pavilion wedding in the heart of Toronto. She looked absolutely stunning in a simple yet, very elegant gown, that reminded you of old classic movies. They wanted a look for their wedding that resembled old Hollywood, with peacock feathers, and almost a Great Gatsby feel. It was a beautiful day in September, and they were surrounded by their family and friends. They exchanged their vows to each other in an intimate outdoor ceremony at the Sunnyside Pavilion.

Wedding planning can be a very stressful time, so when thinking about your big day consider a theme that best reflects who you are. It will be a lot easier to incorporate a little bit of you into the day. For their Sunnyside Pavilion wedding Melissa and Ian added personal touches, that established a theme, and that allowed guests to get to know them a little bit more. Toronto is a beautiful city, full of diversity and different cultures. Why not incorporate your different cultures into your special day, wether it’s a tea ceremony, or a traditional reading in a different language. It all encompasses who you are, and that’s what makes you special.

Thank you Melissa and Ian for having us, we truly enjoyed getting to know you a little more.

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Old Hollywood theme, Sunnyside Pavilion wedding in Toronto, ON.

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The boys having fun on the Lakeshore boardwalk, for this old Hollywood Sunnyside Pavilion wedding.

Sunnyside Pavilion wedding

Our favourite photograph of this beautiful Sunnyside Pavilion wedding.

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I loved photographing at Sunnyside. Can’t help but think I’m in a different world. Melissa and Ian chose the perfect location for their old Hollywood themed wedding, it’s such a romantic atmosphere. Looking forward to returning again to this beautiful location, in the heart of our amazing Toronto.

Sunnyside wedding lakeshore Toronto

A beautiful summer wedding at Sunnyside Pavilion in Toronto.