Romantic Summer Wedding | The Manor Weddings | Samantha & Mike

Samantha and Mike hosted a beautiful, romantic summer wedding at The Manor in Kettleby. It was a warm, yet rainy summer day in June, but that was not going to bring Samantha and Mike down. They were ready to become husband and wife, regardless of the weather. The Manor is a beautiful venue, it’s charming and elegant, and the staff are fantastic, making them the obvious choice if you’re looking for a venue that will impress.

Samantha and Mike decided to do a first look. The excitement, and sometimes nerves of the wedding day can be overwhelming, but for Samantha and Mike it was the romance of a first look that got them. I would call myself a traditionalist, but even I have to admit that seeing each other before the ceremony, can be a very romantic, and intimate experience. Weddings are beautiful expressions of love and family, not only two people choosing to commit their lives to each other for life, but also two families coming together to pledge their support.

Thank you Samantha and Mike for choosing us to photograph your special day, we can’t wait to see what God has in store for your future.

Cris and Sandra

romantic summer wedding

A perfect first look, at this romantic summer wedding at The Manor.

One of our favourite images of this romantic summer wedding.

The beautiful grounds at The Manor.

I love how they were with each other, fun loving, romantic, carefree. Check out their engagement session to see more.

The simple, country rustic feel of the decor at this romantic summer wedding.