Michelle & Brandon Wedding | Family Cottage – Bala, ON

We have have had our share of adventure, in our personal lives, as well as, in our business, but we have never had a couple water ski on their wedding day, until Michelle and Brandon that is… When we first discussed the matter of them water skiing on their wedding day, I was all for it, Cris was all about the logistics of it, i.e. boats, equipment, etc.. almost putting a damper on it for me. We decided to go with the flow and see what happens, and you’ll see below that what happened was awesome : )

Michelle and Brandon are a super fun couple that like to surround themselves with other fun people, that of course is recipe for a party! The weather did not co-operate that day, but nothing was going to ruin it for them, both Brandon and Michelle were determined to make this day the best of their lives. Despite the rain, we had a blast and as you will see so did our happy couple. Thank you Michelle and Brandon for having us, we had an awesome time : )