Coldwater Museum vintage wedding | Lindsay & Peter

This Coldwater Museum vintage wedding was simply wonderful. Lindsay and Peter put together a beautiful combination of DIY and vintage. We met Lindsay as a bridesmaid a few years ago, and it was lovely to be able to be there for her special day with Peter.

Weddings always remind us of the blessing we have in each other. We surround ourselves with people in love, to remind us that love really is all you need. Of course there’s communication, mutual respect, compromise, but all of those result out of selfless love. Because you love your spouse, you compromise; because of love you communicate through conflict and learn to respect, and to be a person worthy of respect. Love is why we photograph weddings. Lindsay and Peter have that kind of love, you could feel it, not just see it.

The Coldwater Museum was a lovely setting for a couple that wanted something beautiful and reminiscent of sweeter times gone by. Thank you Lindsay and Peter for having us, we are so grateful to have been a part of your day.

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Sweet moments of this lovely Coldwater Museum vintage wedding.

Clearwater Museum vintage wedding

Our most favourite photo from this gorgeous Coldwater Museum vintage wedding.

Scottish vintage wedding Clearwater MuseumScottish wedding